Granite Selection

Las Vegas- Granite can change the ambience  of any room. Whether your looking to create a luxurious Kitchen, Bathroom Shower, Fireplace Surround, or installing elegant Tile Flooring. Natural Stone like Granite can make it happen. Granite like most of natures beauty can be used to transform any surface into a piece of art. It has been said that no 2 Granite Slabs are alike and it is easy to understand why due to  so many different variations and characteristics and different finishes that are currently available.

One of the many reasons Natural Stone Granite is so appealing is its depth and range of color tones and unique surface texture that are sure to please forever.  Stone possesses an inate ability to change its surroundings, to compliment and blend harmoniously with any decor.

T&S Custom Flooring has an excellent relationship with one of leading importers of Natural Stone Products for Las Vegas and has over 100 varities to choose from with unbeatable prices for Granite Slabs starting from $200-400 per slab.

Please Call T&S Custom Flooring at (702) 372-7277 for an appointment we are fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

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